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Canva Clips

Canva Clip #001 ↓

Canva Clip #001 is an express run through with tips on how you can be creating content for products for your brand easily using Canva . Though the example in this video was done for the hair industry, the ideas and techniques can be applied to any brand or business needing content. We offer a variety of social media content creation services as well as 1:1 Coaching options to teach you how to make your content journey easier for yourself and your business using Canva.

You can find more info at and we hope that you found our first Canva Clip useful and that it helps to give you ideas on how to make your content easier!

Canva Clip #002 ↓

In this Canva Clips with The Carve Creative we take you through a quick run-through on how you can take content you've previously created on Canva before and repurpose it to make new content or to add additional slides to a carousel post to better share information with your audience. Happy creating! - Carver, The Carve Creative

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