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FUCK LOVE: The Self-Love Coloring Book for Adults

Are you tired of the sappy and sentimental coloring books that celebrate love and romance?

Do you feel the need to express your frustration, skepticism, or bitterness towards the idea of love and relationships through coloring?

Are you an independent person who don’t need no man?

Then this is the perfect coloring book for you!

Filled with 50 funny and irreverent coloring pages, this book will help you channel your emotions and express your true feelings about love and relationships. With witty sayings, snarky messages and funny illustrations, these coloring pages will make you laugh, think, and likely even roll your eyes.

So, grab your markers, crayons, or colored pencils, say “F*ck it” to love and let the hilarious and anti-love pages of this coloring book bring out your inner artist and provocateur.

Order your copy of "FUCK LOVE: The Self-Love Coloring Book for Adults", find a little “you” time in your schedule and let the laughter, anti-love, and self-pleasure begin!

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